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What's New!

We will be posting any new tidbits of information here that we feel should be called out. Full meeting minutes are available 

on their own page.


Its with great sadness we announce the passing of one of our MTA Family...Randy Budzinski passed away October 1st 2022. Obituary and information can be read HERE

The MTA will be honoring reciprical Out of State Memberships. More information will be posted at a later date.

Doug Veldhuis' Deer mounts are completed! Thank you to all the volunteers that helped get them mounted and Joe & Hilton for supplies!

Competition updates: All points were voted on by the membership at the Super Seminar event meeting.

  • We will be adding an artistic/unconventional habitat category for the 2023 Competition.
  • 3D Printed creatures will be placed in their respective Replica/Repo Category.
  • Replicas in the Masters division wether conventional or 3D printed must be cast, molded, or sculpted by the competitor. No commercial blanks or files may be purchased.

No longer using Membership cards.

By Law Committee: 

Joe Miles

Kandi Nichols
Elaine Unrath

Mike Lagorio

Kyle McClure

Creation of Hall of Fame Committee: Reduced to one recipient per year chosen by our committee consisting of as 1 board member and currently 4 Active Hall of Fame recipients:

Mike Lagorio

Don Gadillie

Charlie Fanta
Charlie Walker

Pat Walker

If you would like to nominate someone for the MTA Hall of fame please reach out to a committee member. The committee will be compiling nominations from the membership and using their own discretion to  decide the Hall of recipient for the year instead of membership vote.

Choice Awards and Voting: Voting tickets will be handed our during voting hours according to your badge which you must be wearing (no exceptions) Instead of your competition packet.

  • Taxidermist Choice Awards: will be voted on by members who are REGISTERED for the show ONLY (you don't have to have a piece entered)
  • Peoples Choice: Renamed Members Choice, Will be voted on by all members, whether competing/registered or not. If you have an active membership you can vote. This includes your spouse, significant other or plus one and any children under your membership.
  • Public Choice: Voted on by anyone who is NOT a member or NOT under someone else's membership. This includes the general public along with any of your friends and extended family (not under your membership)
  • Vendors Choice: Any vendor with a table at the show can vote.
  • Artisan Award: Voted on by COMPETITORS ONLY. You must have at least one enrty in the show to vote for the Artisan.
  • Ahead of the game: Most artistic Gamehead voted by the membership.