Michigan Taxidermist Association

One of the Nations Largest Taxidermy Associations

General Competition Rules

1. Mounts must remain for the duration of the show (5 p.m. Sunday) NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Mounts entered at owner’s risk. Every precaution will be made to secure the entries. The MTA will not assume responsibility for loss due to damage, theft, fire and/or natural causes.

3. All nameplates indicating the taxidermist name and/or business name must be covered by the competitor before mount is entered. No pictures showing the taxidermist and/or the business shall be allowed in the judging area until judging is complete. No names or pictures are allowed on the originality sheets. Absolutely NO signs advertising guide services will be allowed in the show at ANY time. Failure to comply may result in disqualification of mount.

4. No business cards are to be placed on or around competition pieces on the convention floor at any time during the show with the exception of the commercial division. This ensures the safety of all competitors mounts from being damaged or stolen by ensuring the general public is not encouraged to reach across the security barriers that are in place.

5. Permits must accompany any protected species.

6. The MTA will not accept any mounts depicting man-inflicted injuries such as a trap on leg, gunshot wounds, arrows in flesh, or any mount done in poor taste. The competition chairman has the right to remove any such mount from the show.

7. There will be multiple ribbons in all divisions.

8. Reproduction parts are acceptable (i.e. duck heads, feet, fish heads).

9. Freeze-dried will be a separate category. Exception – you may use a freeze-dried turkey head only in the Turkey categories. Any other freeze dry method must be entered in the freeze dry category. Competition chairman will have final say in any disputes.

10. NO ONE will be allowed in the judging area until judging is complete. ONLY people designated by competition chairman will be allowed in judging area during judging.

11. Spotted fawns and juvenile/immature species may be entered (questionable out of season specimens must have a breeder’s authority). Juvenile/immature entries must have a sign for display with explanation of origin or death.

12. Domestic dogs and cats may NOT be entered.

13. Freeze Dry Category: All preparation, mounting and finish work must be done by the competitor. You cannot purchase a freeze-dried specimen from a commercial vendor or private individual and enter it into competition.

14. Extra credit MAY be given for doing your own Reproduction parts; forms, etc. provided they are done well and in accordance with the score sheets. Please indicate so on your originality sheet.

15. No novelty mounts allowed (i.e. mounts depicting animals in a human or unnatural setting. The competition chairman will remove any mount as such brought to the show).

16. The judges must break all ties for trophies or major awards before the judging is completed.

17. You may NOT enter a single category in two different divisions (Example – you may not enter a deer head in both the Professional and Masters divisions, Commercial Division is exception). You may enter different divisions in different categories (Example – you may enter a deer head in Novice division and a fish in Professional division, etc.).

18. You MUST have received a blue ribbon to be eligible to receive Best of Category Award. Best of Category Awards are ONLY awarded in the Professional Division and Masters Divisions.

19. You MUST have received a blue ribbon to be eligible to receive a State Champion Award. State Champion Titles are ONLY awarded in the Master’s Division.

20. After the judging is complete, the judges ARE NOT allowed to change any ribbons. Do not ask them to do so. If you have a problem, please contact the competition chairperson. He/she will use their discretion to settle any disputes and their ruling is final!

21. Sportsmanship-The MTA has gone to great lengths to obtain the most experienced and qualified judges in the world. All judge’s decisions will be final. Competitors should conduct themselves in a professional manner. Unsportsmanlike conduct could result in disqualification and forfeiture of any and all MTA awards as well as being barred from future competitions.

22. Habitat Category Requirements-The habitat entry fee must be paid in order to be eligible for the Habitat category. Eligibility for entry also requires the habitat to be part of a regular specimen entry for the current year competition. Score sheets will be used by the individual judges for each entry as a basis for evaluation. Competitors may receive first, second or third place ribbons as determined by the respective judges. The overall best first place habitat piece would receive the Best of Category (if entered in the Professional Division) or State Champion (if entered in the Master’s Division) award for the Habitat category. Habitats must consist of a minimum of three separate mediums. Mediums may consist of dirt, rock, grasses, trees and bushes, water, ice, snow, moss, etc. Habitats may not be purchased in a completed state from another individual or company and used to compete. Individual materials may be purchased to use in construction of the competitors original finished habitat.