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Dream Makers Mounts

The MTA has a special program that provides mounting services of fish, birds, mammals or gameheads for Veterans as well as children 18 years and younger with special needs or illness. Mounting is done at no cost to the Veteran or child. This AMAZING program is made possible because of generous donations from our members, non members, suppliers and tanneries. Mounting takes place on a special stage during the MTA competition in March. If you would like to donate or time or know someone that would qualify to have their animal mounted please contact us!

July 12th 2021:

A very special young lady took home her gorgeous bear this past weekend! Addison’s hunt was provided through the PATH foundation and the mount sponsored by our Dream Makers program and special thanks to H&H Fur Dressing for the tanning. I had the pleasure of mounting this guy at our winter meeting and these are the results…I’m fairly confident she loves it!
 -Wendi Johnson of Wendi Johnson Design Studio

We appreciate donations to cover supplies and other expenses.