Michigan Taxidermist Association

One of the Nations Largest Taxidermy Associations


Once a member has earned their Award of Excellence, they are eligible to compete in the Masters of Masters Division in the category that earned them their Award of Excellence. This division is the most prestigious one in the M.T.A. It is mandatory that all body work, bird bill casts and parts be done by the participant. Nothing should be bought except eyes.

JUDGING - Judging in this division will be very demanding. Mounts must be technically correct as well as artistically oriented and creative. Multi Ribbons will be awarded with 1, 2, 3. The judges will choose the best first place entry and the winner will receive a trophy as well as a $500.00 cash prize. The winner’s name will also be placed on the traveling trophy.

Point Values

Master Division
 1 st Place = 5 points 
2 nd Place = 4 points
3 rd Place = 3 points 

Professional Division
 1 st Place = 2 points 
2 nd Place = 1 point 
3 rd Place = none


*All points must be earned at the Michigan State Competition/Convention.
*10 points must come from Masters Division with 2 blue ribbons
*20 points remaining can come from Masters Division or Professional Division or a combination of the two.

Whitetails/Game Heads
** The competition chairman and the president, combined shall use their discretion as to if and where any mount in question shall be applied. Their decision shall be final.
** Reproductions and recreations shall fall under the category which they are judged in.
** Mixed group mounts shall be given credit for the appropriate category in which each mount falls under.
 ** Rugs shall fall under mammals or appropriate category.
*Group mounts get one score.
** Best All Around mounts shall be given credit for the appropriate category in which each mount falls under.
 ** Group competitors and educational categories shall not be applied towards the Award of Excellence. Retroactive Points: From 1983-1985 there were no divisions. They will be counted as Professional Division. 1985 ribbon winners were the introduction of the Masters Division and will be counted as first place Master ribbons. 1986-Present – mounts shall be awarded the appropriate points as per division and ribbons.

Members that have earned their Award of Excellence:

Kurt Ainsworth: Deer and Gameheads
Billy Brandenburg: Birds
Dan Catlin: Deer and Gameheads
Randy Desormeau: Fish 
Carolin Dolny: Mammals
Owen Eldred: Deer and Gameheads
Ann Euler: Mammals
Larry Fitch: Birds
Mike Guest: Birds
Brian Hendricks: Mammals
Travis McLeod: Birds
Tim McMullin: Deer and Gameheads
Robert Nieilsen: Birds
Duncan Price: Birds
Frank Schmidt: Geer and Gameheads
Dave Sherwood: Birds
Les Thomas: Deer and Gameheads
Randy Waites: Fish
Johnathan Wright: Birds

Paul Brokowski: Fish
Randy Budzynski: Fish
Dale  Cornetet: Fish
Matt Deimer: Mammals
Mike Doyle: Mammals
George Elekes: Mammals
Charlie Fanta: Birds
Keith Goodrow: Deer and Gameheads
Jim Hicks: Deer and Gameheads, Mammals
Calvin McLeod: Birds, Mammals
Frank Newmeyer: Birds
Ken Onken: Deer and Gameheads
Jean Roll: Deer and Gameheads, Mammals
Joe Segler: Birds
Voidure Smith: Birds
Jan Vanhoesen: Mammals
Terry Weick: Birds, Fish
Mike Zank: Deer and Gameheads

Point Standings as of the 2019 Show